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Last week my friends and I were talking about our 9–5 jobs. We were talking about how ironic it is that we ended up in the exact type of job that we were trying to avoid.

It’s ironic because we vowed not to end up in the same place that our parents did, exhausted after a 9–5 and unable to have any energy or motivation to chase our real dreams or do anything for ourselves.

One of my friends just lost her promotion for the year. She hated how she wasn’t required to be creative in her job. On top…

When you outgrow them and how you know you have

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I met with some college friends last weekend.

Naturally we did what we knew best when we were with each other. Drinking, playing drinking games, dancing and getting wild. Just your regular college friend activities.

Sooner or later into the night the conversation turned towards the rest of the friend group and what everyone else was up to. Some were working in other states. Some were off in stable or unstable relationships and some were still in school.

The conversation turned monotonous and predictable. The handsome, above average intelligence guy in the group cracking a lame joke and everyone laughing…

Almost close to a year and a half ago my life blew up in front of my face. I went through the most incredible pain I ever knew and lost every sense of direction I thought I had. From that pain I learned 3 things that I make sure to remember every now and then.

1. Find your North Star

After your life blows up, chances are you hit rock bottom. …

You can’t beat 100% ROI

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This is not a Finance or a Money Management article. It is definitely not an Investment advice article either. I apologize in advance if the title of this article seems like clickbait, but it is the most accurate title for the things that I write about below.

One of the best things that happened to me was hitting rock bottom and having my entire life blow up in front of me. …

What I do Instead

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My friend called me up the other day and as we were casually chatting she asked me, ‘so have you been sticking to your New Years Resolutions?’

I told her I actually don’t make New Years resolutions. I just make resolutions to my life as I see fit.

For example, when I noticed I was gaining weight, I resolved to cut out sugar and extra carbs.

Or when I noticed myself feeling like I wasn’t working to my potential, I resolved to take more classes to learn about my field, conduct informational interviews and apply to better jobs.

I have…

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#2 Spend Time Alone

First off, let me start out by saying how grateful I am for having the real college experience. The experience of being able to make friends in person, attending class in person and freely moving around campus without the fear of a virus.

My heart goes out to the freshmen that started their first semester of college during the pandemic. I can’t imagine how different and difficult it is to make friends, especially since classes are online.

When I was in college, some of my favorite memories were made in the dining hall. …

#2 Info Interviews

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When I graduated from college I had 3 offers from different finance related companies. I was a star student all throughout college. Active in my business school, social life and career wise. Everyone expected me to do great things and make huge accomplishments in my life.

It was great that everyone thought that about me, but I had no idea what I wanted to do.

There was a moment in my life where I had an offer with a prestigious Wealth Management company. It made sense to take it. …

It’s not that complicated

I have so many friends in my life that come to me for advice. Most of their problems are common to the rest of the world.

They ask me for advice about their terrible boyfriends, their shitty job and their other annoying friends.

There are millions of people around the world in terrible jobs, relationships and friendships. I feel like life and The Universe doesn’t spare anyone with these kind of things. I can bet you that even the rich can’t be spared from shitty relationships and friendships.

I read an article one time that stated that almost all problems…

Turn that pain into power

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2020 has been an extremely painful year for millions of people across the globe.

The pandemic has not spared anyone. It has destroyed capital markets, torn apart families, taken hundreds of thousands of lives early, and left the world in a shroud of darkness. An effective vaccine is the only glimpse of light in this dark storm.

Not to mention, the turmoil happening in Washington D.C. How did America get to the point where we have to impeach a President not once, but twice?

And did we forget the Black Lives Matter movement that happened in 2020 either? Why is…

When I was a Private Wealth Management at a boutique shop in Bethesda, Maryland, my first impression of the place was an art piece that was placed in the kitchen.

It said the following:

You Can’t Deposit Excuses

I was an unpaid intern that semester and on top of it I was taking 15 credits , part of a professional fraternity, balancing a Resident Assistant position to pay for food & rent, and directionless in my career.

I wasn’t depositing anything that semester.

I applied to the position because I had always been interested in Wealth Management. And to be…

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